and Ontray Made Operating Delivery Networks Even Easier

May 12, 2018

After creating an integration between and Ontray last fall, we’ve received an amazing response. Food delivery networks have been leveraging our integration to streamline their online ordering and fulfillment processes. But things just got even better with our most recent updated!

New Features for Delivery Networks

The basic Ontray and Spatula integration allows restaurants and food delivery networks to automatically send their incoming Ontray online orders right into their Spatula driver dispatching account. Simply provide your Spatula API key in the Ontray dashboard and orders will automatically start flowing. As drivers update the status of the order, Ontray is notified of the update and will update the orders accordingly. Furthermore, customers have complete viability into the status of their order with real-time driver tracking enabled by Spatula.

That’s all old news though, below is the list of the new features that have just been added.

1. Wait until orders are confirmed before creating a job

Now, you can hold off creating Spatula jobs until after the order has been confirmed by the restaurant. In some cases, restaurants are not always able to confirm inbound orders. They might have closed early, be too busy to accept new orders or any number of other reasons. But, by holding off creating Spatula jobs until after the order has been confirmed, you’ll shield your drivers against going to a restaurant that’s not able to prepare the food, saving you both time and money.

2. Only use the drop off location

Some mobile food operators don’t need the pickup location visible to the customer because they already have the food in their vehicle. For these delivery providers, we’ve built in the ability to only add the drop off location to their Spatula jobs opposed to both the pickup and drop off locations.

3. Specify dispatcher

Spatula’s dispatcher feature allows food delivery networks and restaurants to specify which dispatching rules they’d like applied to inbound online orders. Networks can limit who’s offered new jobs and even create rules that allow one group to get first dibs on new jobs. If nobody in that first group accepts the order after x seconds, it’ll go to the next group. This process will repeat until a driver has successfully accepted the delivery.

Ontray’s most recent update allows dispatchers to be assigned to jobs ahead of time on a restaurant by restaurant basis. For instance, if your delivery network spans multiple cities, restaurants in a particular city can use a separate dispatching team the restaurants in another. This will serve to optimize who’s getting offered new jobs based on your specific business needs.

4. Specify campaign

A relatively new feature by Spatula called ‘Campaigns’ allows network operators to customize the branding of their tracking links. With our latest update, the campaign you’re running can be specified right in Ontray and automatically applied to incoming orders.

How to Configure the Ontray Spatula Integration

To support all of these new features, we’ve added a new section to the Ontray dashboard called ‘Integrations’ with Spatula being our first officially supported Integration. If you’re already using Spatula, then don’t worry you’re all set, the integration has been configured for you! If you have not yet setup Spatula, simply find Spatula API key and plug it into the integration seen below.

Ontray Integrations Dashboard

Click ‘Integrations’ on the left-hand side of your dashboard, then click ‘Configure’ to set Spatula up.

Adjust Spatula Integration Settings

Specify your Spatula preferences using the Ontray Integrations panel.

What’s Next for Delivery Networks and Ontray?

At Ontray we’re always looking to improve the experience of our delivery network and restaurant partners. Moving forward, our aim is to develop an even tighter integration with Spatula. We’re considering integrating Ontray coupons into the Spatula campaigns and other fun stuff like that.

If you have a suggestion for new features, feel free to reach out in the comment below.

Want more information about Ontray and Spatula?

If you run a delivery network or restaurant that is looking to optimize your online ordering and dispatch management process, drop us a line we’d love to see if we’d be a good fit.

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