Ontray and TwinJet are Powering Restaurant Delivery Services

May 11, 2018

Ontray is very excited to announce our newest integration partner, TwinJet! Our software when used together is ideal for Restaurant Delivery Services. The first team to use this integration is SparrowCycling.com, a cycling courier service operating in Center City, Philadelphia. Sparrow uses TwinJet and Ontray to optimize their order intake and real-time order tracking.

TwinJet has long been powering the logistics behind cycling couriers, and Ontray’s newest integration works directly with their platform to send orders to their cyclists without missing a beat. This relationship is just another way that Ontray is strengthening our network of local providers. This time they’re on two wheels!

As a courier logistics platform that works wonderfully for restaurant delivery services, TwinJet has always been great at alerting their cycle-couriers of orders to be picked up and the routes in which they should be delivered. With Ontray’s seamless integration an initial order comes through an Ontray-enabled website and is sent to a cyclists phone without any additional effort from the restaurant.

Ontray just launched a delivery integration with SparrowCycling.com a courier service serving Center City Philadelphia. Old Thyme Cafe in Old City is the first restaurant to begin using them through their Ontray site, however, there are many more in the pipeline.

Adding direct integrations with 3rd party providers pushes forward Ontray’s mission of providing restaurant owners all the tools they need to operate efficiently without having to invest in the technology. “This integration is the first of many,” says Ontray’s CEO Tyler Wiest, “we’ve found it far more valuable to provide easy connections with 3rd party service rather than try to build them ourselves. This allows us to expand our feature set quickly while still ensuring we’re only working with top-notch providers.”

Watch Tyler Wiest’s appearance in Momentum Digital’s Small Business Saturday series to learn more about Ontray’s growth.

Who is Sparrow Cycling?

Sparrow Cycling is a worker-owned rush delivery service that was founded in 2012 in Center City Philadelphia. Their fleet of bike messengers allows them to navigate the Center City streets with ease and they’ll delivery pretty much anything. Single meals, large catering orders, legal parcels even cargo.

How Does Delivery through TwinJet and Sparrow Work?

The integration is easy and can be configured in just a few clicks. As orders come in through Ontray, they’re automatically sent to the Sparrow team for fulfillment. As Sparrow progresses through the fulfillment process, Ontray is kept in the loop, sending out customer notifications when the order is on the way and marking the order as complete once it’s been fulfilled.

For more details about Sparrows services and rates visit their website: http://www.sparrowcycling.com/services/

Operate Restaurant Delivery Services?

If you operate a restaurant delivery service or any delivery service for that matter, Ontray + TwinJet can be a great solution to your technical infrastructure. Between the two companies, we can offer online ordering, real-time order tracking, advanced ordering analytics and more right out of the box!

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Want to Get Started with Sparrow and Ontray?

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