Ontray Announces Integration with Spatula.io – Press Release

September 28, 2017

Philadelphia PA – Ontray Inc. announces a partnership with Spatula.io an Australian based software company. Spatula offers real-time driver management software designed for both restaurants and fulfillment providers. The integration will enable two-way communication between a restaurant’s Ontray powered website and user’s Spatula account.

“Our partnership with Spatula is designed to streamline the ordering experience for restaurants, fulfillment companies, and the end customer. Spatula’s real-time order tracking will provide the end customer complete visibility into where their order is at any given time,” says Ontray’s CEO Tyler Wiest.

This integration is one in a long line to come from the Philadelphia based startup whose mission is to give control of online ordering back to the restaurant industry.

“As we scale, the demand for partnerships with third-party software providers has drastically increased,” Wiest continues. “And by leveraging these partnerships, we’re able to dramatically increase the value of our software with minimal additional technical overhead.”

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