Meet Onfleet, Ontray's Newest Integration Partner

May 31, 2018

Ontray would like to welcome Onfleet to its growing list of integration partners! Onfleet is a management software for restaurant delivery services – and another seamless 3rd party connection now available for use in the integrations tab of your Ontray management dashboard. Use Onfleet to automatically send orders from Ontray’s online ordering platform straight to your driver’s phones.

Ontray’s intention is to provide restaurants and restaurant delivery services with a variety of options when choosing how to conduct their delivery management. Onfleet is another great example of our trusted 3rd party providers offering quality services directly to our business owners with just a few clicks, no extra work, and no large investment to get started.

Continue to look at the integrations page of your Ontray dashboard for other tools to streamline all areas of your online operations, not just delivery management! These integrations are tied to Ontray’s larger initiative of bringing the power of online ordering back to the restaurant industry.

Who is Onfleet?

Onfleet is a software company specializing in delivery management, known for helping restaurant delivery services maximize their efficiency. Headquartered in San Francisco and founded by a team of Stanford University Engineers, in their words, “Onfleet transforms cumbersome last-mile logistics into delightful delivery management”. With Ontray’s new direct integration it looks like the food delivery process has gotten even more delightful, from start to finish.

How Does Delivery through Onfleet Work?

Creating the integration is a quick and simple process in the integrations tab of the Ontray dashboard. Once activated, drivers are immediately alerted to Ontray orders as they are received through direct communication with the Onfleet App – no extra work needed. As your drivers fulfill the order the Onfleet App keeps your customers in the loop, sending out notifications when the order is on the way and marking the order as complete once it’s been fulfilled.
For more details about Onfleet’s services and rates visit their website:

Want to Get Started with Onfleet and Ontray?

If you want to start sending your Ontray orders to Onfleet please get in touch for help completing the integration:

Get Started with Ontray and Onfleet

Operate a Restaurant Delivery Service?

If you operate a restaurant delivery service or any delivery service, Ontray + Onfleet can be a great solution for your technical needs. Between the two companies, we can offer online ordering, real-time order tracking, advanced ordering analytics, and more right out of the box!

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