Introducing Ontray Web Apps

January 28, 2019

Ontray is proud to announce the launch of Ontray Web Apps, now available for free with every Ontray-powered website and menu!

Restaurants have asked about the possibility of building custom Apps since we first started providing affordable online ordering and free websites. Unfortunately, for most restaurants, the cost and time required to build a custom, traditional App have always been too much to bear.

We’ve found a solution to this problem with free Ontray Web Apps, giving our restaurants the functionality of a traditional App without the headache or expense.​

Benefits of Web Apps

In a nutshell, web apps allow your website to be bundled up and saved onto your customers’ mobile devices as an ‘App’ with only a few clicks from their device’s browser. Customers then have one-click access to your website or menu right from their home screens. Add an attractive icon in the Ontray dashboard and your customers won’t even be able to tell they’re using a Web App from their home screen or while in use.

Web apps allow your site or menu to be bundled up and saved onto mobile devices from your website after only a few clicks in a device’s browser.

1. Quick to Install

Since Web Apps aren’t found in an app store your customers will be prompted to add a bookmark to their home screen while visiting your Ontray site or menu. After following the straightforward pop-up instructions an icon of your choosing will appear on their device’s home screen within a few clicks, just as any other App would.

The only noticeable difference is how your Web App will be added to your customers’ mobile devices. Your Web App will be downloaded while visiting your website using a web browser instead of having to go through an app store.​

Your customers will be prompted to ‘Add to Homescreen’ your Web App while visiting your Ontray site or menu. After following the straightforward pop-up instructions, an icon of your choosing will appear on their device’s home screen just as any other App would.

Because your customers don’t have to go anywhere other than your own website, getting customers to download your Web App can be even easier than being listed on an App Store.​

Android phones only require one press of a button to add your Web App to a customer’s home screen, while iPhones require a few more clicks.

Check out the photos below to walk through the process.

iPhone Experience

Android Experience

Ontray progressive web apps on iPhone

2. Easy to Update

Updates are automatic. Changes to your Web App are made as you update your website or menu, so all updates are made in one place.

3. No Developer Required!

Did we mention Web Apps are free and easy? Enable and customize your new app within minutes through Ontray’s back-end dashboard. One-click turns on the feature, and after uploading the image you’d like to appear on your customers’ home screens you’re done! No need to deal with any more unreliable or expensive developers.

How Do Customers Find My Web App?

For those who haven’t yet downloaded your Web App, a pop-up notification prompting them to add your site to their home screen will appear once a week when visiting your Ontray site or menu from their mobile device.

After it’s been added, customers will find your Web App on their home screen just as they would find a traditional App.

How Do I Customize My Web App?

Ontray dashboard with progressive web app settings

From Ontray’s back-end dashboard, navigate to ‘design’ and then ‘Web App Configuration’. From here it’s only one click to enable Web Apps, and only a few more steps to add your Web App’s name, preferred theme color, and your preferred App Icon. Be sure to save your progress as you go.

That’s it! Didn’t we say it was free and easy?