Chow Caddie Launches New Network in Santa Clarita CA

December 7, 2017, a California-based food delivery provider, has just launched an ordering platform, leveraging Ontray’s new network capabilities. Their platform, which features over 40 restaurants, provides online ordering and delivery for restaurants all over Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Glendale area.

Ontray’s New Network Capabilities

What makes it all work is the recent release of Ontray’s network platform which joins together individual Ontray sites into a single, user-friendly interface. Users in the area can not only order directly from the Chow Caddie portal, but also from the individual Ontray websites each store receives. This allows restaurants to offer online ordering on their own branded website while simultaneously allowing Chow Caddie to extend their reach.

Network Management

To tie it all together, Ontray has upgraded its dashboard to include network management. Network admins can easily create and activate new restaurants, upload menus, edit ordering hours, etc. all in real-time. Better yet, restaurant owners can also edit their respective settings just as the network admins would, enabling seamless integration between the restaurant and the network provider.

Welcome to the Team!

At Ontray, we’re very excited to welcome Chow Caddie to the Ontray platform as our first network site and look forward to our continued mutual growth.

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