Your customers want to buy from you, not GrubHub

When customers Google your name, you shouldn’t have to pay GrubHub. Keep those sales with Ontray.

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Don’t be an item on someone else’s menu.

How it Works

  1. Smartphone browsing an Ontray-powered restaurant

    1. User Places Order

  2. Receipt printer and tablet running the Ontray app

    2. You receive and fulfill the order

    Integrates with: Email, Tablet, Fax and directly to a Receipt Printer

  3. Piggy Bank

    3. Get paid on a daily rolling basis

Explore your data and learn about your customers

Gain insights into your customer’s purchasing patterns with our analytics tools.

How Accurate is your Online Presence?

Our free site audit tool lets you see how accurate your restaurant is reflected across the web.

Run a Website Audit

Choose the fee structure that’s right for you

You pay a small percentage of sales


Your customers pay a small convenience fee

If you do 500k a year on GrubHub, but 50% of those customers would have ordered directly through your site if they could, you could save over $35,000 per year!

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    Upload your menu and configure your store
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    Start Processing Orders
    iPad running Ontray app for processing orders

Ontray Headquarters

We’re proud to be located in the heart of N3rd St. in Philadelphia

908B N3rd St.Philadelphia, PA 19123

Is your restaurant already using Ontray? Download our Point of Sale app and start receiving orders instantly.

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