Tired of giving GrubHub your lunch money?

When customers Google your name, you shouldn't have to pay GrubHub. Allow your customers to order direct from you and save thousands on fees.

Ontray automates the creation of your website to save you thousands while giving you your own space to showcase your menu.
Absorb a small commission per order or pass the cost to your customer and just pay credit card processing!
Receive orders via tablet, email, fax, receipt printer and phone.
Restaurant Counter
User Places Order

User Places Order

Get a free custom website powered with online ordering.

You Receive & Fulfill

Integrates with: Tablet, email, fax and directly to receipt printer.

Get Paid Daily

Get Paid Daily

Money will hit your account on a 2 day rolling basis.

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It is fast and easy. Create your and maintain your restaurant's online presence with Ontray.

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So what's this gonna cost me?

Small %

You pay a small percent of sales

You Pay
Customer Pays
Owns Customer

Credit card processing fees may apply

Get Started

to GrubHub

You Pay
Customer Pays
Owns Customer

*Fees vary on a per store basis

If you do 500k a year on GrubHub but 50% of those customer would have ordered directly thorugh your site, you could save over $35,000 a year!


  • Customizable Website with Online Ordering

  • Point of Sale Application

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Order Ahead

  • Search Engine Optmimized

  • Access to Integration

  • Hosting / Maintenance

  • Automated Phone Call Reminders

  • Custom Delivery Zones

  • Excellent Customer Support

  • Coupons / Discounts

  • Real-Time Analytics / Reporting

Integrate with your favorite software!

Our integrations allow you to enhance the power of your online business in a single click.

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